HAPPAY Frequently Asked Questions/Inquiries

About the app

It is included with the Tsuruha Group app, so no installation is required.
If there is no "Pay with HAPPAY" button, please update the Tsuruha Group app to the latest version.
To use HAPPAY, you need to set up the Tsuruha Group app and register and log in as a point card member.
HAPPAY allows only one account to be registered for one mobile phone number.
However, if you use HAPPAY with one app and then use HAPPAY with another app, you will need to log in again.
■Model change
No special procedures are required. After setting up the app on your new device, please log in. (SMS authentication is required to log in again)

■Change phone number
You will need to change your phone number. Please contact the call center. (0570-007-268)
It cannot be used for POSA card payment/collection agency service payments.

About registration and use

Tap the "Pay with HAPPAY" button displayed in the center of the Tsuruha Group app TOP screen.
If this is your first time using the service, please click here for first-time users and follow the on-screen instructions to register your mobile phone number, password, etc.
If you do not receive short messages (SMS) to your registered mobile phone number, please check the following.

・Have you entered your mobile phone number correctly?
・Have you registered a mobile phone number that supports SMS?
・Are you restricting SMS reception through SMS rejection settings?
There are a limited number of financial institutions that can be registered. Please check the applicable financial institution within the app or from the URL below.
It must be the customer's own account holder name.
It will be taken over.
If you log in using a different device, your bank account will be unlinked.
You will need to register your bank account again.

About charging

You can charge over 1,000 yen in 1,000 yen increments.
Please note that there is a maximum charge amount.

・Maximum charge amount per time: 49,000 yen
・Maximum charge amount per day: 100,000 yen
・Maximum charge amount per month: 200,000 yen
*The maximum amount can be changed by the customer within the above amount range.
It is 100,000 yen.
*The "HAPPAY bonus balance" granted through benefits and campaigns can exceed 100,000 yen.
The "HAPPAY Value Balance" charged from a store cash register or bank account is valid until the end of the corresponding month three years after the month of last use. (Use = charge or payment)
The "HAPPAY bonus balance" granted through benefits and campaigns has a different expiration date for each campaign. Please check the campaign terms and conditions for details.
there is no.
you can't.
Points are not accumulated when charging.
We are unable to accommodate your request.

About payment

■Combination payment possible: Tsuruha Group points, cash, gift certificates, Rakuten points
■Combination payments are not possible: Credit card, electronic money, barcode payment, UnionPay card, Efka, Nikopi
*Combination payments cannot be made at self-checkout or semi-self-checkout.
Tap the barcode and the screen will brighten.
Please also check the settings of your smartphone screen.
It will be reflected immediately after the checkout process.
However, if the payment was made using the "HAPPAY Bonus Balance" and the "HAPPAY Bonus Balance" has expired at the time of refund, that amount will not be returned to the balance.
Points will also be subtracted.
You can check your transaction history for one year.
If you log in with the same account, the changes will be carried over.


Please reset your password from "Forgot your password?" on the login screen.
Tap the member information you want to change from the "Account Information" menu button on the top left of HAPPAY, and follow the on-screen instructions to make changes.
*Date of birth cannot be changed.
From the menu button "Manage payment methods" on the top left of HAPPAY, tap the trash can button on the right side that says "Bank account for charging" and delete the registered account information.
If you want to register another bank account, tap "+Add new bank account".
*You cannot register more than one bank account at a time.
You can check it from the HAPPAY usage history page.
Your balance will not expire even if you uninstall it.
To check your balance, please install again and enter your login ID and password from "Login".
*If you wish to withdraw from HAPPAY, please see "I would like to withdraw from HAPPAY."

Please note that if you cancel your HAPPAY membership, your balance will be forfeited.
Uninstalling the app will not cancel your membership.
Also, your HAPPAY balance will not expire.
You can resume using the app by registering and logging in to the app again.
Please contact the call center.
I will stop using HAPPAY.
Please contact the call center.
Tap the menu button "Account Information" → "Withdrawal" on the top left of HAPPAY, then follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your membership.
*If you withdraw from HAPPAY, your balance will be invalidated. We recommend that you use up your balance before canceling your membership.
*Even if you withdraw from HAPPAY, it will not cancel your membership from the Tsuruha Group app. You will need to cancel your membership separately.
Click here for inquiries about points, apps, and HAPPAY. Click here for inquiries about points, apps, and HAPPAY.

*HAPPAY cannot be used at some stores and there are products that are not eligible for HAPPAY.
*Customers are responsible for communication charges associated with downloading and using the app.
*It may not be available depending on the model you are using.
*The screen shown is an image. It may differ from the actual screen.
*"App store" is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.
*"Google Play and the Google Play logo" are trademarks of Google LLC.
*"QR code" is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Co., Ltd.

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HAPPAY Terms of Use/Handling of Personal Information

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