Social media policy

We, Tsuruha Group, have established "Social Media Policy" regarding the participation of officers and employees in social media and the operation of official social media accounts.
Enactment date: August 20, 2021

Attitudes for participating in social media

Officers and employees working in the Tsuruha Group are open to the public that social media is a place of communication based on personal connections, regardless of the organization to which they belong or the form of employment. Understand that the information once sent cannot be completely undone, and when participating in social media, be aware of the following and participate in a modest manner as a sensible person.

1. In addition to complying with national and regional laws and regulations, we will respect relevant social and internal rules in accordance with the concept of the Group Ethics Code.
2. We will listen to the voices of our customers and actively provide information so that the participating customers can have a useful experience as much as possible.
3. Pay attention to the content of the information to be transmitted and the method of transmission, and try not to disseminate incorrect information or give a misunderstanding.
4. If you send incorrect information or make a misleading expression, we will promptly apologize and correct it.
5. We will disseminate information and have dialogues with a modest attitude as a sensible person without deceiving our identity.
6. We will observe the rules of each social media established and operated by a third party, and respect the culture and manners of each social media.
7. We will respect the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and other rights of third parties, and will take care not to damage their honor.

Information and requests for social media users

1. Information transmitted from social media does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information due to the characteristics of social media. For the official views and announcements of the Tsuruha Group, please see the Tsuruha Group website and news releases.
2. Please note that the information on social media is as of the time of transmission and is subject to change thereafter.
3. Please note that we may quote comments posted by users.
4. Please note that we may not be able to respond to comments posted by users.

About policy establishment (deletion of posts) in social media operation

For the sake of sound community management, we will delete your comments, photos, videos, links and other content if we determine that the posts fall under or may fall under the following.
In addition, we will delete it when there is a problem that the specifications of each service cannot be changed or corrected.

・ Content that infringes on third-party accusation, discriminatory expression (hate expression), privacy, human rights, etc.
・ Contents including personal information
Contents that infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties such as copyrights
・ Contents that are offensive to public order and morals
・ Contents that hinder constructive discussions
・ Political activities, election campaigns, religious activities
・ Commercial activities related to own products, stores, and companies
・ Acts of impersonating a third party including our company
・ Contents that interfere with our business
・ Spam
・ Acts or contents that the Company deems inappropriate in operating social media

List of official social media accounts

  • Introducing the main social media official accounts operated by the Tsuruha Group.

Inquiries regarding social media policies

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