Basic Philosophy/Key Strategies

Aiming to be "the best drugstore chain in Japan" that is loved and pleased by the community

Based on the philosophy of "providing affluence and leeway in the lives of our customers," the Tsuruha Group develops stores from the customer's perspective in order to provide services that are closer and more secure as a leader in regional medical care. doing.

Opening a store based on the dominant area strategy

Based on the belief that we will open stores where they are needed by the local people, we will promote regional centralized store openings based on the dominant area strategy and further expand our store network.

Pursuit of expertise and convenience

We will focus on developing human resources with specialized knowledge and counseling technology related to health and beauty, and work to create stores from the customer's perspective, aiming to be a convenient and reliable drugstore.

Expanding the development of private brands and improving product appeal

We will actively develop new and improved private brand products, including the Tsuruha Group's original brands "Kurashi Rhythm" and "Kurashi Rhythm MEDICAL," to provide even more attractive products.

Strengthening the organizational strength and profitability of the group

We will strive to further improve corporate value by improving profitability by increasing buying power by taking advantage of the economies of scale of multi-store development and reducing costs by integrating headquarters organizations.

"Improvement of business productivity" and "strengthening customer service" through digital strategy

In the era of declining population, we recognize that "improving productivity" is an urgent issue, and we are working to improve operational efficiency through the introduction of IT and strengthen "customer service," which is the greatest value of real stores.
The Tsuruha Group promotes "One to One Marketing" tailored to each customer's needs by utilizing digital technologies such as data utilization, application convenience improvement, store system renewal, network strengthening, and cloud service utilization. We are aiming to transform into a highly profitable structure through a digital strategy.

List of group companies

You can see the list of group companies of the Tsuruha Group.

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