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Aiming to be "the best drugstore chain in Japan" that is loved and pleased by the community

Drugstore business

The drugstore business, which is the core of the Group, promotes a dominant strategy to quickly expand market share by opening stores centrally in the region, aiming to be a drugstore with "safety" and "trust" that customers are always close to. .. In addition to reflecting the low-cost operation effect of establishing a group system in product prices, we also create various types of stores according to the region and characteristics, and from the customer's perspective, the best drug in Japan that is loved and pleased by the region. We are working on building a store chain.
Tsuruha Co., Ltd.
Kusurino Fukutaro Co., Ltd.
Tsuruha Group Inc.
Drug & Pharmacy West Japan
Tsuruha Group Inc.
Drug & Pharmacy West Japan
Lady Drug Store Co., Ltd.
Kyorindo Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
B & D Co., Ltd.
Drug Eleven Co., Ltd.

Dispensing business

A system to provide comprehensive services in the dispensing department [treatment function] that corresponds to the division of medicine and the OTC department [prevention function] that responds to the growing awareness of self-medication, aiming to be a "family pharmacy" for everyone in the community. We are focusing on making. We are improving the skills of pharmacists using the Dispensing Training Center and improving their specialized knowledge through academic presentations within the group so that we can provide easy-to-understand and kind health consultations and medication guidance to the local people.

Long-term care business

For the coming super-aging society, we are promoting long-term care services aiming at a support center that is responsible for regional medical care and long-term care networks, making use of our store network as a drugstore and dispensing pharmacy. In addition to proactively enhancing long-term care and welfare products, some stores have set up a long-term care consultation desk with specialized staff to develop more convenient services.

Mail order business

Since 2009, we have been selling online through the online shop "e-shop" and mail-order sales by telephone and fax orders. Utilizing the know-how cultivated in store sales, we are expanding sales channels to supply products nationwide, including customers outside the store development area.

We have a wide range of products that are useful for daily life, such as pharmaceuticals, supplements, health, beauty, and diet products. You can also use Tsuruha Group points when shopping.

Tsuruha Group e-shop

Group support business

The Group is working to improve the efficiency of group management in order to maximize the economies of scale of its nationwide expansion.

● Tsuruha Group Merchandising Co., Ltd. (TGMD)
Logistics / Product Procurement / MD Support, PB Product Planning and Development, Mail Order
● Tsuruha Financial Services Co., Ltd.
Life insurance / non-life insurance agency business