Regarding the provision of personal data to third parties in foreign countries

Tsuruha Holdings Co., Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Company") have adopted our privacy policy ( "Handling of information in this application". To the extent necessary to achieve "3. Purpose of Use", of the personal information provided by the customer, information about the customer's application obtained from the customer's electronic device etc. when using the application provided by the Company. We may provide all or part of your browsing history, usage history, product purchase history, advertising identifiers (AAID/IDFA), and advertising contact log data to the following third parties in foreign countries.
Pursuant to Article 28, Paragraph 2 of the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and Article 17 of the "Personal Information Protection Commission Regulations," the system for protecting personal information in the foreign country to which the provision is made, and the personal information taken by the provision destination. Measures for the protection of customers and other information that should be helpful to customers are as follows.

[Third party destination in a foreign country]

Business name Target service Country of delivery Information regarding measures to protect personal information
Google LLC Google, YouTube, Google Analytics GDN, etc. united states of america privacy policy detail
Advertising-Policies and Terms- detail
Google's use of information collected from sites and apps that use Google services detail
Legal notice to users in Japan detail
Meta Platforms, Inc. Facebook, Instagram etc. united states of america Content and scope of privacy policy for Meta products detail
Privacy Notice for Japanese Residents detail
X Corp. X (formerly Twitter) etc. Japan or United States of America, where the data controller is located XPrivacy Policy detail
Use of cookies in X detail
Byte Dance Co., Ltd. Tik Tok etc. Singapore, Malaysia or united states of america Byte DancePrivacy Policy detail
Tik Tok Privacy Policy detail
The Trade Desk Co., Ltd. The Trade Desk etc. united states of america privacy policy detail

[Systems regarding personal information protection in each country]

Country System regarding personal information protection
united states of america There is no comprehensive legislation. Representative laws and regulations applicable to individual fields are listed below.
republic of singapore The following comprehensive laws and regulations exist.
Malaysia The following comprehensive laws and regulations exist.

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